Who is Jack Wetherill?

Hi! My name is Jack – I’m a journalist living in London. I currently write showbiz and television for Daily Star Online and have been enjoying the industry since late 2015.

Sadly, I don’t often get to explore my love of K-pop and Korean music industry in my day job, so use this blog as a way to write about what I’m most interested in.

Content will include reviews on music videos, singles, albums and, hopefully, live concerts. There will also be opinion pieces on the biggest talking points of the moment, or deep dives into a group or artist. Expect plenty of light-hearted articles too – Why you should be a fan of, the best debuts of the year, the best tracks you might have missed, for example. As cheesy as it sounds, whenever I’m inspired to write, there will be something new on the blog. So make sure to check back often.

Although my day job does not involve much writing about K-pop, I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview a handful of K-pop artists, as well as attend concerts to review. In 2019, I reviewed BLACKPINK and Dreamcatcher’s London performances for Daily Star Online. I also reviewed Hyolyn’s London performance for this blog. As well as reviews, I interviewed Dreamcatcher, Holland and The Boyz for Daily Star Online, writing a number of articles for the website.

I worked closely with MyMusicTaste’s press team when it came to Dreamcatcher, Holland and The Boyz.

My interests mainly lie with girl groups, however I always have my ear close to the ground when it comes to K-pop. Whether there’s a new debut coming up or a group gearing up for a comeback, I’m sure to have looked into it.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with me about anything, such as collaborating, please get in touch using the form below.

Examples of my work