Every look in Chung Ha’s Stay Tonight MV Ranked

Chung Ha released her latest music video – Stay Tonight. It’s her first pre-release track, and it promises big things for her actual comeback.

The music video is glossy, with precise choreography, taking inspiration from voguing, with daring makeup looks for both Chung Ha and her dancers. There are five distinct looks in the music video, each of them brilliant, each of them fabulous, each of them allowing Chung Ha to steal the spotlight as she rightly should.

Rather than just review the song and music video – it’s great, watch it, listen to it – I’ve decided to take a look at each of Chung Ha’s looks from it, because, honestly, they deserve so much attention.

They will be ranked in order from my least favourite, to my favourite. The judging will be based on the outfit, hair and makeup.

5. All That Glitters

Chung Ha’s glittering gold look in Stay Tonight

In fifth place simply because I couldn’t see much of it to judge properly, Chung Ha’s final look in the music video.

She goes for a dazzling gold ensemble, incorporating the shimmering metallic shade throughout, from her makeup to the outfit itself.

With what appears to be rhinestones and sequins completely covering the bodice, this would more than likely be much higher on my list if I could see it properly. Sadly, basically all that is visible is the top section, and while it is impressive, it can’t compare to the other looks in the music video.

Chung Ha’s gold look doesn’t get much of a moment, sadly

The hair style is basic, with her long locks pulled up into a dancer’s bun on top of her head, though loose tresses do fall down in places. The lighting makes the loose strands seem golden too, which is a nice touch.

With the focus of this look being on Chung Ha’s face, there’s no wonder so much attention to detail went into the makeup. Chung Ha is dripping in gold – diamante’s framing her eyes, more gems creeping up her temples, glitter coating her arms and solid gold lips. It screams luxury.

It’s definitely beautiful, I just wish it got more of a moment. The few seconds it is on-screen, the scene is almost completely blacked out too.

4. Pigtails and Chain Mail

Chung Ha brings the sass with her long pigtails

Chung Ha’s pigtails look comes in fourth place, because it feels a little more simple compared to the other looks. The hair is my favourite thing about this ensemble, with her dark colour transforming into a deep navy teal as it spreads down the pigtails. The hairstyle adds a layer of sass that this ensemble really needs, as it’s fairly basic otherwise.

Essentially, the outfit is a black bralet with matching black combat trousers. The basic elements scream dance practise more than music video, but a jewel-encrusted chain mail harness up top adds some edge and interest.

This look allows Chung Ha to showcase her impeccable dancing skill

The cut of the top is visually interesting, with the cut-out sections and short sleeves, as well as the band down Chung Ha’s middle making it look slightly futuristic.

There wasn’t much of a close up of Chung Ha’s makeup during this look, though a line of jewels ran above her eyes beneath her brows. Otherwise, the makeup was quite simple. Definitely the most minimalistic out of the whole music video.

The outfit lends itself very well to the more energetic choreography in the section in which Chung Ha wears it, so it’s definitely a good option. Perhaps the point of this look was more for the performance element, than for the visuals.

3. Just Peachy

Chung Ha completely stands out in this outfit as her dancers wear all-black

I actually think that the gold bralet is the same as the one in her final look of the music video, which I ranked in fifth place. Either that or it’s very similar. But this time it’s paired with flowing peachy fabric, with some of it climbing up around her neck too. The garment, which appears to be a playsuit, is seriously short and features heavily in the music video – right at the start and later when Chung Ha is in a box. It’s put with some long gloves in a matching colour, which also have jewels running up them like around her eyes and on the bodice.

The hair and makeup is completely different from the fully gold look too, which helps to rank it higher for me. Chung Ha has her hair down in loose waves, rather than up in a tight bun. It reacher her waist and allows her to stand out from her dancers, who all have their hair up.

Chung Ha’s face is decorated with golden jewels, though she has a more subtle lip this time

Chung Ha’s makeup is very similar to the all-gold look, with jewels on her temples. Though she goes for a more neutral colour palette otherwise, with a soft pink lip rather than metallic gold.

The whole ensemble seems designed to show off Chung Ha. When she wears it, she’s surrounded by her dancers who are all in black, with long sleeves and their hair in high ponytails. Their makeup is even black too, while Chung Ha’s dazzles in gold tones.

This look is almost a pre-evolved version of the all-gold look, but it just feels far more put together and better thought out to me, which is what gives it a higher ranking.

2. All-White Everything

Despite being a single colour palette, this look is completely eye-catching

The final two looks were difficult to rank higher than the other, though the all-white ensemble is slightly behind for me.

The white outfit is the sexiest of them all, incorporating lingerie items like a corset, thigh-high stockings and suspenders. Despite that, everything comes together as a seamless outfit that proves you don’t have to show skin to be sexy.

The section in which Chung Ha wears this outfit features male dancers in heels and obvious makeup. It’s a concept that perfectly fits the voguing choreography and the clear LGBT tones are something not often seen in K-pop, so I have a lot of appreciation for it.

Chung Ha’s makeup is more daring here, with berry tones on her eyes and lips

It seems like a natural progression for Chung Ha to give voguing a try, as her dance is one of her biggest strengths. It’s also very of the moment, and while I’m no expert, she pulls it off well. Maybe she’s been watching Pose?

With all-white clothing, Chung Ha’s makeup is more adventurous. She has berry lips and block red eyeshadow from her lash line, all the way up to her brows.

Meanwhile, her hair is slicked back and held in place with countless ornate hair slides. Those, along with long dangling earrings, add plenty of glamour to the outfit.

All in all, it’s an exceptional look – but it doesn’t get the top spot in my list.

1. Opulence Personified

This look combines interesting clothes with beautiful makeup

I’m just going to come right out and say it – this look is everything.

The outfit is simple yet daring – a long black dress with structure added over the top with a bone-like white corset-style bodice. Everything is black and white, with her leather gloves and sheer boots too. Even Chung Ha’s jewellery follows the colour palette of her clothing, with a black leather choker, white pearls and rings on her gloved fingers.

I will admit that the look works particularly well in the setting Chung Ha wears it, but it’s not particularly the clothing that makes me give it the top spot here.

It’s the makeup.

Chung Ha’s makeup is exquisite in this look

Chung Ha’s makeup is beautiful and interesting and glamorous and creative. It takes a huge step away from the simple colour selection of the clothing, bringing in gorgeous jewel tones reminiscent of some sort of tropical beetle.

Her eyes are decorated with a wash of burnt orange shadow, before metallic greens and glitter is brought in. Chung Ha’s lids are covered in vibrant greens, moving from dark on the outside to a more neon lime in the inner corner. It’s very Instagram, in terms of a full-glam makeup style. It’s rarely seen in K-pop, but I’m a big fan of obnoxious makeup.

Rather than going for a nude lip with her loud eye, Chung Ha has a soft pink hue on her mouth. Really, the pink shouldn’t work with the green and orange eye, but somehow it does.

An edgy feel is brought in with a centre lip ring, which looks to be made of tiny jewels, a theme scene throughout the music video.

All in all, this video – even though it’s just a pre-release – screams money. I can’t wait to see what Chung Ha brings in her actual comeback.

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