Netflix’s The Society is the best new show of 2019 and I will hear no other (yet)

I hadn’t seen any of the hype surrounding Netflix‘s new release The Society apart from a few tweets the week of. I somehow managed to find the time to binge all 10 episodes four days after its launch and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since.

The Society season 1 on Netflix
Me, searching for Netflix execs to force them to give The Society a season two [Netflix]

I went into the series on a very, very hungover Sunday and the following Monday, still hungover. But from the very first episode I was hooked, desperate to find out exactly how the kids of West Ham had ended up where they had – and wanting to know where they actually were.

By the way, there are spoilers in here, so stop if you haven’t watched the entire first season.

Cassandra and Allie in Netflix's The Society
Cassandra and Allie, definitely not the best characters in The Society [Netflix]

Don’t be fooled into thinking Allie, Cassandra and Will are the most important characters from that first episode. Cassandra is murdered soon enough and Will becomes a secondary character in my eyes. His best scene is in that first episode when he gets home and we’re introduced to his less-than-perfect home life. He goes downhill from there to the point he becomes irritating. Allie is more vital to the storyline and has a lot of character development but, for me, her storyline only allows plenty of the other kids to shine through. She’s cool though, she’s alright. I do feel for her as the season goes on, especially when she goes up against the awful Campbell and Lexie (though to be fair to her, she has a reason to be bitchy).

But to me, the best parts of the first season don’t come until much later – starting with episode seven and the glorious poisoning of the pumpkin pie. I am obsessed with Elle. Played by Olivia DeJonge, Elle is Campbell’s girlfriend. We learn early on that Campbell is a sociopath and is just generally the worst. He almost drowns her in a bath then promises her he’d always protect her. He’s possessive and I felt no sympathy towards Elle for sticking by his side. But the bath moment is a turning point and you slowly see her strength returning, culminating in pouring antifreeze into a pie she was making for Campbell. Before he can eat it though, he decides they will join the rest of the kids for Thanksgiving, meaning way more people than just Campbell will get poisoned. The few seconds between episodes seven and eight (because hello, binge viewing) were hell. Who would be poisoned? Would Elle be found out? Watching the panic set in across her face and even eating the pie herself, rather dying than letting people find out she’d apparently poisoned them, was incredible. I hope in season two – I will riot if Netflix doesn’t green-light one – we see much more of Elle and her secret strength. I’d love her to eventually kill Campbell, or at least take him down. Because I’ve got other plans for Campbell too.

Elle in The Society on Netflix
A queen, also known as Elle [Netflix]
Sam and Grizz on The Society on Netflix
I will never not be obsessed with Sam and Grizz’s love story [Netflix]

That brings me to his brother. The incredible, perfect Sam, played by Sean Berdy. He gives the viewer an insight into Campbell’s inner workings, telling a particularly grim story about their old pet bird that he de-winged and enjoyed torturing. He also provides some of the most touching scenes of the entire show, when his surprise romance with Grizz comes to fruition. It’s a moment I never saw coming. Sam being gay had been mentioned, so that wasn’t a surprise, but Grizz being his love interest very much was. But it was beautiful to watch and found myself wishing away the other scenes so we could get back to Sam and Grizz’s love story. There needs to be more of them in season two, because there ending wasn’t exactly a fairytale.

And it’s Sam who I also see taking down Campbell. Sam’s best friend Becca is pregnant and eventually gives birth to a little girl, but the baby daddy is never revealed. I reckon the father is Campbell. Becca wouldn’t even tell Sam who the father is, because I think Campbell raped her. Her admitting Campbell is the father would mean bringing up the traumatic memory, which would be sure to destroy Sam as well. But if she does, I want Sam to do something crazy and pull off Campbell’s arms and legs, like he did with their old bird. Maybe that’s a bit too graphic for Netflix, though?

Becca in The Society on Netflix
Will we find out who Becca’s baby daddy is? [Netflix]

There is still so much mystery surrounding the series, despite us discovering that they’re somehow in an alternate version of their town and their parents have no idea where they are, listing them as missing instead. There’s a dog that seems insignificant but clearly has way more meaning. What is the smell they all complain of in the first episode? Who is the man that was driving the bus? Will they get home? Why are they there, anyway?

So, Netflix, this is my plea to you. Please. Give us what we want, what we deserve. Give The Society a season two, with much more Sam and Grizz and Elle. Thank you.

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