A Simple Favor/An Incredible Movie

A movie featuring two of my favourite actresses – Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively – as well as the ridiculously good looking Henry Golding and Andrew Rannells. Surely it’s too good to be true? Well, no. In the case of A Simple Favor, it’s not.

As soon as I saw that Kendrick and Lively were in a movie together, I had to see it. I’m not sure when it started, but I’ve been obsessed with Kendrick for years. I think she’s hilarious and even her characters that are drastically unlikeable have a charm to them. Lively, on the other hand, stole a piece of my heart as Serene van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl. There was no chance I wasn’t seeing this movie.

Sitting down with my Fanta Ice Blast (what else?), I knew the general gist of what I was about to watch. A woman tries to find her best friend after she goes missing. But A Simple Favor takes this idea and runs with it. It’s a thriller. It’s a mystery. It’s a comedy. There’s romance. It really shouldn’t work, all those genres thrown together. But I left wanting more.

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in A Simple Favour
Two queens, one movie [Lionsgate]

The overall plot is just on the right side of farfetched. Half of me was convinced it could’ve been based on a true story, the other was sad when I realised it wasn’t. I do want to pick up the book now though and see if it follows the usual trend of the book being superior to the film. If it does, then I’m in for a treat.

Kendrick plays Stephanie, a mummy vlogger who somehow befriends Emily (Lively). Emily is a big city high flyer who couldn’t be more different to Stephanie. Their blossoming friendship is where the comedy and drama begins. Stephanie uses her daily vlogs to update her small audience on updates of Emily’s whereabouts and to get tip-offs. It plays a major part in the storyline and makes for a huge twist towards the end.

Stephanie is overbearing, annoying and shouldn’t be likeable. Kendrick plays her beautifully though and by the end of the film I was backing her corner.

Blake Lively in A Simple Favor
Emily really is THAT bitch [Lionsgate]

Emily is also highly unlikeable. She’s bitchy, judgemental and calculated. I’m not on her team, yet I want to be her. Her outfits are incredible. Her husband is sexy. Her little boy is adorable. Her house is beautiful. She is that bitch.

The twists and turns that her disappearance takes you on keep you hooked and I genuinely couldn’t expect what would happen next, unlike many thrillers nowadays.

The two leading ladies work incredibly well together because their friendship is believable. Friendship is a lose term and those that have seen the film will understand, but it’s a relationship that everyone has seen before. This relationship goes through changes too though, and by the end everyone’s lives are completely different.

Henry Golding plays Emily’s writer husband Sean. He’s the perfect choice to add to the perfect image that is Emily’s life. Of course, things aren’t as they seem with him, either.

Henry Golding in A Simple Favor
Henry Golding is just one of the ridiculously good looking men in the movie [Lionsgate]

Then there’s Andrew Rannells’ Darren. He’s one of the other parents at the school at which Stephanie and Emily have their kids and where they meet. His snarky remarks and comedic timing are incredible and I want a sequel focusing on him.

And to round off the trio of beautiful men, Dustin Mulligan makes an appearance. It’s difficult to say much about him without giving away any spoilers, but there’s a particularly randy scene which goes on to add to the ridiculousness of A Simple Favor. The good ridiculousness.

If you want a laugh, this is one for you. If you want a mystery to make you think, give this a try too. If you just want to appreciate a good looking cast taking swipes at each other, there’s something for you here. Bias over the cast aside, the simple answer is A Simple Favor is incredible.

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