Shahs of Sunset Season 7 Episode 1, A Short Kiss Goodnight

Shahs of Sunset is a little known reality show in the UK, though thanks to Hayu has become my second favourite series (behind Vanderpump Rules). As far as I’m aware, it doesn’t air anywhere here, unlike a number of other Bravo shows which are shown on ITVBe and Lifetime. This in itself is a crime, so let my review of the Shahs of Sunset season 7 premiere, A Short Kiss Goodnight, persuade you to treat yourself to a Shahs binge. You can thank me later.

Shahs of Sunset Season 7
Shahs of Sunset Season 7 cast – Nema, Mike, MJ, Reza, GG, Destiney [Bravo]

The majority of the cast has returned to season seven, minus Asa and *sob* Shervin. Wikipedia promises me that they’ll both be guests this time, rather than full time cast members. Destiney has been bumped up to a main Shah, rather than a friend, and Mike’s potential-new-girlfriend’s-brother, Nema, is the latest addition.

The episode serves as a re-introduction to the cast, reminding viewers where everyone is in their lives and giving background to Nema. More on him in a bit.

Reza is still with long-suffering husband Adam, who is still holding out on Reza to have kids. Reza instead wants to shove all of his money into renovating a new house. He also made a point of mentioning it was all his own money going into the work. I guess he where’s the trousers in that relationship. Fun fact: I bought myself an Hermes tie because I saw Reza wearing them in an earlier season of Shahs.

MJ and Tommy are still engaged, though they’ve got married since this episode. Her mum still doesn’t approve of him, so there’s nothing really changed there. The only thing different with MJ is that she finally admits that she and Reza did have sex when they were younger, so there’s that.

Shervin on Shahs of Sunset
I miss Shervin [Bravo]

GG is married but estranged from her husband – no surprises there. Mike has decided he wants to settle down. And Destiney is there too.

Nema is introduced through his sister Mona, as Mike wants to date her. He invites them on their trip to Big Bear, which is also where Vanderpump Rules took a trip in season six. Something doesn’t sit right with me about Nema. He and Mona are very close. A little too close for siblings, though there’s a reasonably obvious explanation for this which tugs at the heartstrings for a moment.

The episode seemingly sets up the first few major storylines for season seven – will Mike get with Mona? And will Nema and GG hook up?

My guess for the first question is probably no. And for the second, yes. Then GG will have another meltdown, everyone will start hating her again and she’ll redeem herself at the reunion as usual.

As premiere episodes go, this was fairly tame in comparison to what Shahs usually brings. Shervin wasn’t in it anywhere near enough but I’m hopeful we’ll see him again.

The preview for the rest of the season promises tears, fights, laughs and love, which is everything I need from Shahs. I can’t wait to shout “ME!” at MJ every time she does something remotely embarrassing. I’m excited to see how Nema fits in with the cast and what happens with GG and her estranged husband. I’m hoping to be proved wrong by Mike and to see him actually happy. And I know I’ll be cringing at Reza again by episode four. But I wouldn’t have Shahs any other way.

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